Getting busy living

We are all dying, every day we are one day closer, in fact.  But, like he says in the movie, every day we get to decide whether to get busy living or get busy dying.  I chose a long time ago to get busy living.

Last weekend, that meant this:


I know, I’ve already innundated my FB page with way too many photos of our adventures from Saturday.  Who wants to see me when they can see Lencia’s new toofers or Mae Mae’s piggytails and antics?  Thought so.  I don’t blame you.  I thought I’d post some of ’em here anyway because I have a little story from the day.

Matt and I decided to go along with my brother and his wife to a benefit for our church’s Catholic school.  A great cause!  The theme:  Kentucky Derby.  Since the actual Kentucky Derby was taking place the same day, my brother was headed down to Canterbury Park to watch on the big screen and partake in the festivities there as well.  The brochures for the school charity event and for Canterbury said to dress up derby style, meaning, wear a big, fancy hat.  Sold.  As soon as my SIL told me about the theme this year I was all over it.  I love hats.  I love big hats.  I love wearing big hats.  A more perfect marriage could not exist, me and a big hat.  Well, ok, me and my hubby are pretty great together too.

SONY DSC(Trying to steal a kiss under there)

But big hats!  Oh how I adore thee.  Hair messy?  No problem,  enter: big hat!  Feeling crummy about your physical fitness?  I have a solution:  big hat–nobody will be looking at the rest of you!  Like being a girly girl?  Big hat to help you out!  Want to have some whimsical fun for no reason at all?  Shop for a big hat—-with feathers!  See?  The benefits are endless.

The hat:


Suffice it to say, I had a fun time shopping for accessories for the event.  Nellie and I joked that it was as if we were going to prom.  Coincidentally, as Matt and I passed through Monticello on the way to the events, we saw a bunch of kids taking photos for prom down by a little scenic wayside area.  We considered going down there, we thought we’d totally blend in.  Minus the gray hair and wrinkles.


When we arrived at the Park, some other people were dressed up but we must have looked especially legit because some guys in the parking lot yelled to Pete and Billy:  “Hey, you look like you know what you’re doing, give us some tips!”  Little did they know I was maybe at this track one other time in my life, when I was 18. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t now.



As an aside, I have pondered the following question for some time (ok, only as long as it took me to post this but still..): Why the heck did I feel it necessary to kick up my foot and/or purse my lips in every photo?  I may have been a tad overly excited at the idea of going on an all day date with my hubs.

Here is Pete schooling me on the finer points of horse races. I still have no clue what he was saying. I did learn that what I always knew to be true is still true: gambling is….a total gamble. So I don’t do it 🙂


I actually have two stories, the other one involves my brother and his cohorts really, as in, really and truly thinking they won BIG only to realize they did not.  Good times.  Sorry, Pete, it was funny, epic actually.  You had to be there.  Although, these photos pretty much convey how it went down.


(note the two bear-hugging in the background)

Back to my little story.  My greatest worry last weekend was which dress to wear with my big hat, black or white?  Oh, the agony!  Matt was surprised I got any sleep considering the sheer magnitude of the choice before me.  Ha!  Ok, so in the end, I went with the white dress.  I bought this dress for a very special occasion.  I only ever wore it one other time, on that very special day.  Laurencia’s funeral.

As we were driving along I told Matt, “You know, it’s nice, being able to wear this dress to a fun, happy occasion, to continue not just living but LIVING.”  I hope my girl was proud of me, for carrying on and not just existing and not being sad all of the time.  I hope she knows I am happy because of her and not in spite of her.  I still love life.  I still have joy.  It’s magnified, in fact, just from having had her my life.




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