Easter and The Great 75 Degree Snowball Fight


Though it’s been a few weeks already, I wanted to share our Easter photos and some videos. This year on Good Friday I went to our church’s Living Stations.  It takes place at our historic church and it was beautiful and very powerful.  I took the older kids and by the end of it, we all felt more connected to Jesus and what this time of year really means.  Watching the actors take Jesus down from the cross, covered with a white garment, and his mother Mary walking behind, following her dead son, was tough.  I was trying hard not to be selfish and think about me but gosh, it was so hard.  All I could see in that moment was me walking behind baby Laurencia’s casket.  It was real.  It really happened to us and it really happened over 2000 years ago.  I went to Easter Vigil mass by myself and was waiting for that joyful Easter feeling but it never came that night. I just felt sad, about the dying part. The mass was about the Alleluia, the Resurrection part, you know, the entire reason we celebrate Easter, the basis of our faith, Jesus rising from the dead so we can have eternal life?  Yeah, that part.  Well, for whatever reason, it was only serving as a big, giant reminder that Laurencia wasn’t here, since she’s there, because of Easter.  It’s beyond wonderful, but she’s still not here.  Of course, I’m happy for her but I could not get myself to be happy at the time.  I just dang wanted her here.  After mass, in the dark of night, I went and put a little tiny Easter basket on her gravesite. When I got home I put an egg under her picture.

Then morning came, and with it shrieks and squeals of delight.  Mae was into her chocolate Easter bunny faster than you can say “thecrashisn’tgoingtobepretty”


and the kids were showing me their trinkets and running through the house on their hunt for eggs.



My joy began to build as I watched the kids experience their own joy.  I’m not sure when I became cognizant of not feeling crummy any longer but I snapped out of it.  Partly because I had to get everything ready for the ensuing masses.  And partly because of the fact that the sun finally came out in full force.   WHAT AN AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL DAY.  Stellar.  Even compared to normal weather, well, at least what I remember as normal weather.  In three words: IT. WAS. AWESOME.  We had blizzard conditions THREE days prior, school was even two hours late in our neck of the woods, on the Thursday before Easter.  The final count was about 10-12 inches of snow.  Here is a photo…of the THURSDAY BEFORE EASTER, just in case I didn’t make that clear:


And then…then, the Heavens rejoiced and sun burst forth in the most glorious way.  Yep, it was as if we were celebrating the Resurrection or something!

Twenty-seven of the grandkids were here, I tried to wrangle as many as I could for this swing set photo, squirrels (Look, no more snow!  Well, almost, see below):


Then you have the older girl cousins, so pretty


And some little girl cousins


Maggie gets two pics on here because I’m her fairy godmother, and this was too cute not to share


And these two


And then there’s this guy


And this guy (um, cutest baby contest anyone?)


By the way, he’s doing great!  For those who don’t follow the FB page, Benny is my nephew born just a week before L and V.  He’s the little guy who was on life support and had big, big struggles.  Hard to believe now isn’t it?  Beautiful miracle boy.

Of course, we had the annual egg hunt:

We were all enjoying being outside and being together.  The daddies were using the  only remaining piles of snow left near the barn as an outdoor cooler for their “refreshments”.  Until….until someone realized, “hey, it’s a PILE OF SNOW”.  And the first snowball flew.  After that, it was all out war.  At some point I ran to the house to get my camera.  And at another point I yelled to the kids to ATTACK the daddies.  The big wimps used the barn as a fortress.  Here is the video and photo proof:





It was a non-discriminating fight.  Even little Charlie (Nick’s Charlotte, 1 year old) was in on the action.  And if you ask Anna’s Marek (3 years old), he’d tell you he was fighting with the best of ’em.

They polished off that last bit of snow in style.  I think it was about 75 degrees in the sun.  It felt like 85.  It was so warm many of the kids were even barefoot, save Celia who had moon boots on, which, surprisingly worked given her space alien piggytails.  So there you have it, a snowball fight…in the middle of April…in 75 degree sunshine.  Only in Minnesota….

Laura’s family wanted a photo and it took a few tries to get Butch to behave but eventually I prevailed–bwaaa ha ha Birch, I win.  And this just in, Laura has another one in her tummy–congrats guys!



The kids also had a kickball game that lasted at least an hour or so.  When that was over, the little boys were scrambling about the yard, climbing trees, flying kites and being boys.  The girls were playing various games, running around and being pretty princesses in their Easter dresses.  The adults were either chasing kids or chatting in the sun just soaking it up.  My dad (Papa) said at least 100 times, “This was the best day, just the best day.”

It was a good day, an Alleluia kind of day.

risen christ

“The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified.  He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.  Then go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you.”



One thought on “Easter and The Great 75 Degree Snowball Fight

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Tree! Your writings always make me cry…..tears of joy, sadness, thankfulness…… You are an amazingly gifted writer……you have a way of capturing the emotions in words which brings them to life for all of us reading….Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. You are a beautiful person and I’m blessed to know you! I miss you and your family! I look forward to seeing you soon! With all my love, Nellie……

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