Just Lencie


Wanted to quickly share the only recent photos I have handy of our girl and give a quick update.  Valencia is perfectly perfect.  She hasn’t been sick (why did I just say that?  dumb), she is growing and giggling and making us giggle back.  She is changing so much now every day.  Finally starting to flip herself over and has started following me (watching me) whenever I walk by.  Then she looks at me as if to say, “How COULD you?”


So I usually stop and bury my face in her chin/neck and get a real nice giggle out of her before carrying on.

This Winter, for those of you who don’t live here and haven’t been tortured firsthand, has been HORRID, ROTTEN, MISERABLE and really yucky.  As in, THE WORST EVERRRRRRRRRRRR.


The kids have had numerous days off of school BECAUSE IT’S TOO COLD.  Did you catch that?  TOO COLD?  For Minnesotans.  Needless to say I’ve been keeping Valencia indoors a lot lately.  She hasn’t been to the dr. since she got home last October so I don’t know how much she weighs.  I would guess maybe 13 lbs?  No clue but she’s got some nice goodle on her legs now (chub).  It’s so different with an early bird, she really does follow in her growth and abilities as if she were born on her due date vs. her actual birthday.


Because of it we’ve gotten to experience the infant stage for longer.  While the not sleeping part is not fun, I love having my little baby to snuggle and cuddle.  Soon enough she’ll be breezing by me with no time for kisses–ahem, Wyatt–and she’ll be celebrating her 9th birthday just like my other twins will be this weekend.  I can hardly believe tomorrow she is six months old.  I saw that Valencia’s name was still in our church bulletin under “Please pray for…”  She’s doing so well that while we can all always use prayers, I have to take her name off.  It was a reminder of how blessed we are that we got to keep her here.  Looking at her and in our daily lives you’d never know that just a little over 6 months ago we had no idea whether or not she would live. I thank God for her every day.  My little Lencie…



Father-Daughter Dance

So I haven’t posted an update in a while…a long while.  I think last time it was before Christmas.  I have a big update I keep meaning to post but like everyone, things just get away from me.  In the mean time, I wanted to quickly show photos from the Father/Daughter Dance which was last weekend.  Every year the Knights of Columbus chapter from our church puts on a Father/Daughter Dance right around Valentine’s Day.  The girls really look forward to it!  Matt took all of his lovely ladies.   Here he is with the three middles getting ready to head out the door:


Loving on daddy:


His arms are big enough to fit at least two more in that hug.  Well, 3 really, but you know…

I crashed the party and brought Valencia just as things were wrapping up and the last 2 songs were playing.  She’s a daughter too you know!  Matt told me Mae ran around like a crazy the entire time and he was chasing her as usual.  The bigger girls danced their hearts out.  Most of the other kids there were cousins!


Trina, Analise and Gabby:


Rockin’ out (Lencia was taking notes):


This is my favorite photo but dangit, in my haste the focus was on daddy’s head and not her sweet, sweet face.  Just LOOK at that look.  Melt a mama’s heart already.


Gabby can make Lencie smile any time of day (well, most people can, Lencie loves to giggle!):


Swirly, twirly gumdrop Gabby, compliments of a NEW, sparkly dress from Auntie Laura:


Laura took Gabby overnight the night before and shopping the day of the dance in order to celebrate Gabby’s baptism ‘birthday’.  How sweet is that!?  They scored wonderful deals at the Outlet Mall (CLEARANCE TIME!!) and Gabby was over-the-moon about spending special time with her Auntie.  Bonus that it involved shopping 😉

Papa calls this type of dress a “Pufferbelly”, you can clearly see why:


Some of daddy’s sweethearts (Mae was chasing her balloon):


Valencia was at my mom’s when Matt first left and Wyatt was at Laura’s so I was home alone cleaning like a madwoman.  I am never home alone.  I stood there paralyzed for about 2 minutes wondering what I should tackle first.  Frantic, almost and trying to decide how to get as much as possible done while I had two free hands to do it.  As I was scurrying about I stopped and picked up Laurencia’s photo and the tears poured out.  She wasn’t at the dance with her daddy.  Dangit.  At least not the way we wish she could be.  I looked at her perfect skin, her perfect hands.  I tried to remember how they felt.  I imagined how it would feel to hold her again.  I don’t usually do that because it hurts too much and then I cry.  But since I was alone I just let it out and then got back to work.  Truth is, she was there with her daddy too, she is always with her daddy.  He wears this every day.


I never stop thinking about her.  I’m not sad all of the time but I do miss her every second, still.  She is her Father’s Daughter just like the other girls and I just know she’s dancing in heaven.  And probably wearing a pufferbelly dress, too.