A Quick Valencia Update


She isn’t home yet, but she’s still doing really well.  I snapped these quickly today:Image

The best view ever.


Don’t give me any lip little girl…ok, you can!




Auntie Anna made this hat the other day, so cute!

So, she has been nursing and eating from a bottle exclusively, as in, no feeding tube for some time now.  She is also gaining weight and is over 5 lbs!  She may even come home weighing more than Anabella did when she came home!  Bella and Wyatt are the other twins and Bella weighed 5 lbs. 15 oz. at birth at 36 weeks.  Those two came home just two days after being born and like all newborns had lost weight before coming home.  Bella was tiny!  But a tough cookie like Valencia.

We thought she might come home this week but she is having too many “periodic breathing” episodes.  Basically like many newborns and especially preemies, she stops breathing for a bit then catches up quickly.  She doesn’t really need any help to get out of these spells but coupled with her needing to go back into the isolette a few days ago to keep her body temp up, the doctors said she just needed more time to grow and mature before coming home.  They thought her inability to keep her body temp up might have been due to her starting to feed so well.  It takes a lot of energy to eat and grow!  She is now 35 weeks and 3 days.  They are weaning her from the isolette as I type this.  That basically means they turn the temp down and keep track of hers and if it stays where it should, they take the top off, then put her in a regular bassinet.

I’ve been going to the hospital every day and I try to be there for at least two feedings.  The time just FLIES when I’m there.  I could sit and hold her all day long…but five other little ones need me too!

I try not to get too upset or impatient with her having to stay there a bit longer since it could be so much worse.  I used to think it would be the worst having to leave the hospital without your baby.  But it’s not the worst thing ever.  Like losing her sister.  And so I’m thankful for the wonderful care she is receiving and for how well she is doing.  I’m also thankful for my sister and parents who watch Mae so I can be with Valencia every day and for the knowledge that she will be home soon.  We are all so excited to get her home with us.

The nurses all always tell me about how sweet she is and her lovely disposition.  She is so fun to snuggle and cuddle and hold.  I found out the other day that some of the nurses hold her and snuggle her during the night.  I was so happy to hear it.  She really is the sweetest and I’m so proud of her.

Hope that suffices for now 🙂 Love to everyone and thanks for asking about Valencia!

One thought on “A Quick Valencia Update

  1. Those new pictures of Valencia are SO cute! She is darling! I am so glad she is feeding and growing so well. We all(MFM) think about you often. We remember your sweet Laurencia. Take care and know you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.-Shawn

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