A very quick update

We had an ultrasound yesterday and they measured the girls’ growth.  Valencia was measuring about a week ahead (32 weeks, 5 days) at about 4.5 lbs.  That is very good.  Laurencia was measuring about a week behind, maybe more like 3 lbs, but with her it’s difficult to get an accurate measurement.  The monitoring is also going well showing no signs of cord compression. 

I was able to get an image of Laurencia (below) from yesterday and as usual, it was so hard to see her and to really imagine what is to come. 


I’ve been spending much of my time trying to prepare for Monday.  It’s been very difficult.  Also, I continually think about and pray for my nephew, Benedict. 

I will try to update tomorrow if I can but in the event I don’t, the plan is still to have the c-section on Monday at about noon.  I may have my sister post here or to Facebook that the babies are born, their weights and whether they are alive but we will need lots of time as a family after the surgery so information may not come very quickly after that.  I will do my best but will need to spend every second with our girls and my little family that I can. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers, support, love, care and concern. 

God bless,


5 thoughts on “A very quick update

  1. Katrina, I’m praying for your whole family right now. I can’t even begin to imagine what the next few days will be like for you! Know that you are surrounded by love and not just earthly love but that of God’s. Don’t worry about posting for us, just spend as much time as you can with your precious daughter. Maybe thoughts and prayers!
    Hugs, Lara

  2. God bless you Katrina, and give you strength to get you and your family thru the next few days. We will be with you in thoughts and prayers every inch of the way. We love you very much

  3. Oh Katrina, my soul weeps for you. I have no words…I have you in my heart and ALWAYS feeling your grief in my heart. May our Holy God hold you in the palm of His hands. Blessings to you, my sweet,sweet child.


  4. I’m just a random person who came across your story. Please know that I will be praying hard for your family tomorrow and as God’s plans continue to be revealed.

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