Please pray for my new nephew, Benedict Francis (& a quick update)

I mentioned my brother, Peter and his wife, Janel, in an earlier post.  They had their baby boy, Benedict Francis yesterday at around 4 am.  Everything leading up to his delivery was perfect and they had no reason to suspect there would be any issues.  Baby Benedict was 7 lbs. 15 oz.  Almost immediately his color was not good and he appeared to be having trouble breathing.  The team at Buffalo Hospital quickly assessed him and did x-rays right in the room.  They diagnosed him with a Congenital Diphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  Information on this condition can be found here:

A few hours after he was born, Benny was airlifted to another Children’s hospital in Mpls (not the one I’m at) and Janel was discharged a few hours later so she and Pete could go be with him.


He was placed on a ventilator for the flight and they have been trying to get him stable.  A Facebook page for Benedict has been created to keep everyone up to date:

Eventually he will have surgery to correct the hernia and get on the road to recovery.  It will, however, be a long road for them.  Nellie and I have been pregnant at the same time almost every time and all of our babies are within months or days of each other.  Her and Pete have 5 other children as well, ages 9 and under.  As I mentioned on FB, I can’t believe this is happening.  I told my sisters, what I wouldn’t give to be calling Nellie who was home with her healthy baby, even if it meant facing that creeping desire to be in her shoes, home and not here.  That’s how it was supposed to be.  I was struggling again yesterday with “WHY, God?” and thinking how much I wished it could have been for her the way we all expected and the baby was not sick.  And then I read these words, “Accept each day as it comes to you.  Do not waste your time and energy wishing for a different set of circumstances.  Instead, trust Me enough…”  That is easier read (or said) than done.  But I’m trying.

Our families appreciate all of the love and support and especially prayers.  I know there are SO MANY people praying for us.  Won’t you please add my beloved brother and sister and their family to your prayers?  In fact, while you’re at it, could you include my entire family who is becoming stretched quite thin in helping all of us?



Monitoring continues to be the same with no big issues spotted to date that would indicate delivery before next Monday.  I signed the consent forms today for the c-section.  I will get another round of steroid shots on Wednesday to help with development of Valencia’s lungs.  Only one week to go.  I confirmed again with the dr. today that waiting any longer past next Monday (which is 32 weeks for the babies) would be more of a risk than a benefit to the girls.  In other words, we need to get Valencia out so we can try to save her life before something terrible should happen with the girls becoming entangled.  I’m anxious, scared and of course, sad.  I have faith that we will be ok but I also know it’s going to be very difficult for all of us.  Tonight I talked to one of the very sweet nurses from the MFM clinic I had been going to.  I’ll never forget the words she said to me when we first learned of the girls and the various scenarios that might be (we didn’t even yet know about the anencephaly).  She said that her mother always told her when she woke up to lay her worries and concerns at the foot of His cross.  I try to remember that every day.

God bless, and thank you again for all of the prayers,


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