What’s in a name?

A Georgetta by any other name would be as sweet. 

For several, and I do mean several, reasons we have decided that “Georgetta” is not really her name after all.  Fancy that!  I’ll lay it out for you and see if you can follow my line of reasoning, though I use the word ‘reasoning’ loosely here.

First, I was never quite settled on the names to begin with.  I had drafted my first blog post but waited to make it public for about a week solely because I HATED announcing their names.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve never even known the sex of my babies before they were born, much less named them ahead of time or announced the name ahead of time.  It’s usually an iterative process and I come to a conclusion right before they are born.  The process goes something like my explanation below except that nobody ever saw or heard it because I DIDN’T HAVE TO ANNOUNCE IT AHEAD OF TIME. 

With these two, after I looked up the meaning of Laurencia it just seemed fitting and I knew it was perfect, though originally I had considered her name for the “healthy” baby.  Because of the meaning and how special she is we ultimately chose to name “Baby B” Laurencia and I know it’s perfect.  That left “Baby A”.  I had mulled over several names, including the new one we are going to use but I had dismissed it without really thinking it over.  Rather, one day I thought of “Georgetta” and thought it looked so cute and mostly liked the nicknames for it.  But the big thing and why I decided to just go ahead and use it was that Matt liked it and said he liked “Etta”.  So, despite my serious reservations, I went with it.  Immediately after announcing it I was freaking out to Anna and Laura and kept asking anyone who would listen whether it was “pretty” or “flowerly” sounding enough.  To me it just didn’t fit with my other girls’ names:  Gabriella, Anabella, Maebelina, Paulina–yes, I know, they are all a bit much.  My theory has always been to give them the longest version of their name and let them choose what they like to be called.  Plus, I think they are pretty, and girlie.  Thus, “Georgetta”, I feared, was too masculine or had too “hard” of a sound.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I regretted not using the same ending sounds (same last 4 letters) for Laurencia and her sister. 

Then I came here to the hospital.  When I arrived, they had written the girls’ names on the board that I see when I’m sitting in the bed (which is often!).  And I still think “Georgetta” looks cute (though it’s no secret and I’m not entirely unaware that many of you do not like it, despite your veiled attempts at pretending otherwise ;P) and I still think the nicknames for it are very cute.  HOWEVER, whenever a new nurse would ask me the girls’ names and I’d say “Georgetta” out loud, well, it was just….unsettling.  It felt very strange to say it out loud and I always felt quite unsure about it.  It just didn’t sound right!  But alas, we’d been calling her this and she’s cute and I think it’s cute and so I left it alone. 

Fast forward to yesterday morning.  I was standing here thinking about how much it was bugging me and was unsettling to me.  In fact, I had even mentioned that it was bothering me to my friend, Janelle, the night before.  Janelle is “the healthy baby’s” godmother.  By the way, I RECEIVED THE HUGEST SURPRISE OF MY LIFE WHEN JANELLE SHOWED UP AT MY DOOR ON TUESDAY!!!!  I thought Bella and Laura were coming but lo and behold in she walks after having flown from Chicago just to see us!  I do not generally get surprised and usually I’m the surpriser so it was pretty amazing.  I was stunned.  As in, I couldn’t even say anything (THAT IS STUNNED if you know me).  Back to this naming saga…..Janelle said, “Well, you could still change it”, just like Matt always says when I bug him about how unsure I am. 

So, yesterday morning I finally looked up the meaning of the name that I had earlier contemplated.  I had never looked it up before.  The name means:  healthy and strong.  I always referred to Baby A as, “The healthy baby” from the very beginning.  Hmmmm.  That really made me stop and think.  And on top of that I soon came to realize there were many other reasons that we should probably name her this very special name.

On the edge of your seat yet?  Ok, ok, the name is………..

Valencia (Middle name is still Katerina)

Below are the numerous reasons it is perfect for our girl.  I’m not actually changing her name you know, it was never supposed to be “Georgetta”.  According to me.  Still following my “reasoning”?  Good.

1.  My grandmother’s name was Laura.  My sister, Laura is named after Grandma and Laurencia is, in turn, named after her Auntie Laura.  My grandmother Laura had one sister, her name was Valencia.

2.  Growing up, we spent a lot of time with two of our great aunts who each lived alone.  One never married (Valencia) and one was widowed long before I was born (Mabel).  I giggle when I think of those two “fighting” over card games or when playing Tripoly at family functions.  So in naming our girl Valencia I will have both a Maebelina (Mabel) and a Valencia.  I picture Mae Mae and our Valencia bickering over games and I have to laugh. 

3.  My aunt Valencia lived two houses up the road from my childhood home and I saw her almost every day when we took walks.  She’d always give us candy bars from her freezer.  I loved both of these aunts of mine, all of our family did!  And now both of their names will carry on in our family.

4.  “Valencia” has the same 4 (5 even!) last letters as “Laurencia” so now my little pea has a “matcher” just like her other four sisters each have their own matcher.

5.  Valencia and Laurencia are connected more closely by their names now, both because of the relationship of my grandmother and her sister and the sound of their names.  We will likely call her “Cia” or CC just like we would have called Laurencia.  But it remains to be seen once she is born just what the kids wind up using for a nickname.  Valencia’s name will be another reminder of our Laurencia who will go to Heaven.  I love that they will have a connection in this way even though they don’t get to be together.

6.  Valencia is nicer to say, rolls off the tongue better, if you will.  “Francisco, that’s fun to say, Franciscoooooo”.  *Please tell me you’ve seen the move “Elf”*

7.  I said in an earlier post that I’m not into voodoo signs but this one was particularly apropos and I laughed out loud when I read the e-mail.  It’s not entirely unusual for me or others in my profession to receive an e-mail or phone call from a recruiter.  However, I can’t recall getting one in at least a year or so.  This evening while being monitored I got an e-mail from someone trying to fill a position for an IP attorney for a large local medical device company.  But, the job she was trying to fill is for a location in California due to a recent acquisition by said company of another company which is based out in CA  (so don’t get excited TC, I’m not moving to CA, you can’t get rid of me that easily).  The name of the city in which this job she wanted me to consider is located?  Valencia, CA.  Ha Ha!

8.   Finally, as of this evening, the name “Georgetta” is already taken in my family.  Meet Georgetta, the fluffy baby………bunny.  Tonight Daddy brought home two new baby bunnies.  Polly has been begging for a bunny for the better part of 3 years.  And now these two girl bunnies (Kara, you SWORE they were both girls!!!) have arrived.  The kids named the darker one “Georgetta”.  We had a family discussion and they all voted last night to change our baby girl’s name to Valencia, they like it better.  In the interest of completeness, I’ll inform you Polly named the lighter bunny “Fluffy”.  Oh Polly.  How I love that girl. 


Alrighty then.  Off to check on Laurencia and Valencia again.  So far today monitoring has gone well.  Heart rates still look like they should and we have another ultrasound in the morning.  It’s going to take some getting used to saying Valencia’s name for me!  Oh, and I may just go and change it in earlier posts because it’s so weird to refer to her as anything other than her REAL name. 

Yes, I know I’m nuts,


DISCLAIMER:  I retain any and all rights to rationalize another and equally as “perfect” name, should the wind blow in a different direction or should we decide something different on the day we meet her and actually see her sweet face. 


3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I think Laurencia and Valencia are perfect! I understand your reasoning. Perfect names for your perfect babies. Forever connected by their names. Im praying for you.

  2. I love it! Funny when you read everything leading up to it, that she was actually Valencia all along 🙂 I also love how you honor your family through your children’s names.

  3. Totally followed your reasoning and I’m a huge believer in the idea that a mama knows her baby’s name when they baby whispers it to her. Maybe Valencia just waited a little longer to whisper her name to you. And Georgetta is a perfect name for a bunny!

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