Week 30

Yesterday marks 30 weeks.  We are hoping to make it two more.  The c-section is scheduled for August 26 at noon.  So, by two weeks from today at this time we will have met and held our baby girls.  I had an ultrasound yesterday morning and everything is the same, meaning nothing alarming and they are not showing signs of distress.  They have been very active and the docs are happy about that.

The kids came both Saturday and Sunday.  Butchie saw Matt in church with the kids so he came too, it was a nice little surprise.


This weekend both Matt and I were feeling kind of “Blah”.  I’m sure he’s getting worn out but more than that, we both know what is coming.  I am frustrated with myself for wasting time imagining how it would be if Laurencia were healthy.  I think I do that because of my being here in this environment constantly, hearing her heartbeat and seeing her on ultrasound so often.    Also, when the nurses, docs, and others say things like, “Looks good!” or point out things like her heart rate or growth or other things that are “good”, I get angry since it doesn’t matter how perfect the rest of her is or how good she looks for now.  I don’t know how else to explain it.

Enough of that.  I get asked a lot whether I’m keeping myself busy or if I’m bored.  Bored isn’t in my vocabulary.  I can’t remember the last time I was bored.  I always have or can always find something to do.  It doesn’t hurt that I get to go outside.  I’m usually being monitored, talking with someone about arrangements for the kids, talking to one of the kids via phone or Skype, talking to a friend, updating this blog or FB, or exercising –I told one nurse I was doing “yoga” so as not to freak her out too much.


I found out I’m not the only patient who has ever brought in exercise DVDs though 🙂  And I’ve recruited the nice cleaning lady to do wall sits with me when she comes in.

I also have an online CLE (continuing legal ed) class to take and some other items to take care of online.  The one thing I haven’t done is send Thank You cards out and it’s really bothering me that I haven’t!  I know I won’t have time later and I want so much for those who have blessed us to know how grateful we are.

The very first gifts we received for the girls were from my friend, Angie, who brought them to my house a while ago.  I brought them to the hospital with me and I am going to use these sweet little blankies for the girls right after they are born.


Angie and her mom made them.  She also made a little warmer to keep Laurencia warm since we’ll be holding her vs. putting her in the isolette/NICU.  Aren’t these just precious?  I plan to keep them and give them both to Georgetta when she is older.  She also gave us these tiny little outfits.  (The teddy bear vase and flowers are from Georgetta’s godmother, Janelle, THANK YOU NELLIE!). I just noticed on the tag of the outfit I plan to put on Laurencia (the one with the hat) it says, “The perfect set for bringing baby home.”  I wish.  Maybe I’ll let Georgetta borrow it, that’s what sisters are for right?


It’s hard for me to look at the outfits and not do the thing I talked about above, imagining she were healthy and bringing her home to wear it.

The sun is shining again and it looks beautiful outside so I’m taking these baby girls for a walk.  13–THIRTEEN more days.

God bless,


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