“How big is my girl?”

So big!  Well, if you think 3 lbs. 5 oz. is big.  🙂  Georgetta and Laurencia were measured yesterday via ultrasound.  It’s been 3 weeks since our last growth ultrasound.  The docs were very pleased with her growth.  Georgetta, (3 lbs. 5 oz) is measuring about 30 weeks, 4 days though they consider the girls to be 29 weeks, 5 days.  Laurencia is smaller, as expected, measuring about 2 lbs. 7 oz., I think.  She’s measuring closer to just under 28 weeks.  I have gained about 30-35 lbs. depending on the day.  I can tell the girls are getting bigger, I am unable to put on socks or shoes without making strange noises or contorting myself in strange ways. 


Also, the monitoring this morning went well, both had great heart rhythms and we were actually able to keep them on the monitor for a good amount of time. 

Had a very lovely visit with girlfriends yesterday who brought me delicious salad and other goodies.  We sat in the sun so long I actually got some color on my arms and it felt wonderful.  Another surprise arrived when I returned to my room, a gift box of treats, prizes and balloons for the kids from someone Matt works with (thank you Moores!, what a fun surprise!). 

Matt and the kids are on their way down here.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, it looks like beautiful weather. 


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