Knit one…

Yesterday my sister had an appointment down here for her baby girl so she brought my Anabella to me for our long-awaited Mommy & Bella Day.  It was so nice, and a very relaxed day.  I really liked being able to focus all of my attention on her and nothing else!  We had breakfast in my room then went down to a family resource center and we both learned how to knit.  One of us was a little better at it than the other.  I can’t believe how fast kids can pick things up!

She was so proud of being able to knit more rows way faster and better than me. I was just so happy for her.  I think it made her feel quite special learning something none of the other kids have learned yet.  I identify with her middle-childness and it’s neat that for once SHE can teach the others how to do something.  I guess that when she got home the first thing she did was pull out her new knitting things and I have heard nothing but, “Mommy, when do WE get to learn?!” ever since.


We then had lunch in our room and while we waited for it to arrive, Bella got the special treatment from Anna and I.  Spa day in room MB408.



Then today my other sister came with Polly for her special Mommy & Polly day.  We had lunch in my room, played on the playground with Laura and Lina and then it was Polly’s turn for the special spa treatment.  It was so sweet, Polly brought a bunch of nail polish and items for our “spa day” and said, “OK, now it’s your turn, I brought extra stuff so I can do yours.”  She is always thinking of her momma.  🙂  We also had a surprise visitor, my cousin Sheri and her two beautiful children brought balloons for my kids.  THANKS SHERI!  Just when we finished, Matt came with the rest of the crew and we played on the playground, had dinner together and I gave the kids showers in my room.  After I got everyone into jammies we snuggled up with popcorn to watch a movie.


They all just left with their balloons and it’s time to go back on the monitor.  The baby girls are looking good so far.  While it’s difficult to be here, the time is going quickly.  I think it is in part because I always have something to do!  I haven’t come close to bored yet.  I’m always either communicating with my family or with friends or being monitored or taking walks or giving pedicures 😉  In between I’ve been trying to capture these days and these moments.

The other reason it’s going fast is because it’s August.  Only 23 days until the girls are born.  A month ago I would have given anything to fast forward and be done with this part.  Now, all I want is for time to stand still.  I miss my home, my family and my “real” life more than anything, but if time simply stopped, Laurencia would live forever.  Instead, we get 23 days.  Every single day is a gift.  Every single minute, precious.

Anna brought me these for the girls.


She is amazingly talented though she always dismisses compliments about her artistic ability.  She had the idea of the little lamby hat and to tell you the truth, I can hardly look at that one but the cute factor must be shared with the world.  I hope we can get photos of the girls together in these and I’ll keep them for Georgetta to have and see when she’s older.  This little sweet white one is the one I asked Anna to make for Laurencia to sleep in for eternity.


Anna asked if it was good enough or special enough.  It’s perfect, just like my baby girl, because she will be wearing it.

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