Quick Update and Cute Visitors

A quick update to tell everyone that monitoring is going well.  Thus far, both girls are having the heart rates we like to see at this stage.  The girls are generally monitored at 6am, some time in the afternoon and again in the evening for about 1-2 hours each time.  We also have ultrasounds every M/W/F.  The ultrasound this morning showed no signs of distress for either baby.  Like the dr. said today, “Boring is good.”  So we wait and are thankful for each day they are allowed to continue to grow and Georgetta can get closer to 32 weeks.

Meanwhile, yesterday the fabulous Trina the Younger, my niece, brought all five kiddos down here for a visit with momma.  The kids were spoiled by the lady in the family resource center and we had lunch in the cafeteria together.  We came up to my room but Maebelina kept escaping so she could run scream-laughing down my otherwise quiet hallway.  She has a thing about long hallways, she has to RUN AS FAST AS SHE CAN down them.  You can just about imagine me and my belly chasing after her.  Please take a moment to erase the image.

We took a few pics in my room and then headed out to play in the playground again. [The BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement Gabriella is holding is from Laura’s neighbors-THANK YOU HIRSCHS!  Brightens this place up so much!]



While we were at the playground Trina mentioned that it’s almost depressing just even being near the Children’s Hospital, knowing what was going on inside.  So many children, little children, suffering.  It really is heartbreaking.  But there is also healing going on.  The mom on the playground who we met had been there for the better part of her daughter’s 2 year old life.  I can’t imagine.  Things were looking up for their family but it was taxing on them to say the least.  Please tonight remember in your prayers all of the families with children who are sick or suffering.  Pray for their strength and healing.

Tonight I got to visit with Matt and the kids again but our visit was more two-dimensional in nature:


My parents also came this afternoon for a quick visit and brought fresh veggies from a good friend’s garden.  What a treat!

By all accounts it seems the week is going well for Matt and the kids.  We are so thankful for the meals and the help, especially from my sisters.

Before I say goodnight, I need to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sister, Laura (Laurencia’s godmother and namesake) and her husband Butch.   TWENTY YEARS ago today they were married.  And, fun fact, while Matt and I were somewhat oblivious of one another at the time, we actually sat right next to each other at the wedding party table.  Matt was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid.  We wouldn’t really “meet” until about 4 years later.  Happy Anniversary guys, thanks for getting married so I could eventually meet Matt and we could all be one big happy crazy family.

One thought on “Quick Update and Cute Visitors

  1. Great memories!!! 20 years already???? omg! I still have the dress hee hee!!! (doesn’t fit of course hee hee). Happy Anniversary to Laura and Butch!
    We pray for you every day! Love ya

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