Good Things Yesterday

1.  We had another appt. at the Maple Grove office.  The girls were kicking, moving and jumping around in my tummy like crazy, nothing new for these two.  They passed the “8 point biophysical profile” meaning everything looks the same/good for Georgetta.

2.  We got to see our little Laurencia again.  I can see the sadness in Matt’s eyes when we see her (ok, not a good thing) but at least we have these many opportunities to know our girl, if only for this brief time.

3.  Everyone at the MG clinic was so sweet to us, as usual.  The nurses there are pretty outstanding.  Ok, really outstanding.  They are just so NICE to me and have big giant smiles when they see us and they always tell us kind things.

4.  I went into work for the last time before going to the hospital and was able to really take care of things and finish up.  It is beyond a relief, I was so worried about work.  More importantly, I saw several people who were so caring and concerned.  Someone even stopped by just to give me a hug 🙂  (Hi other Terri!).  I met someone new who started while I’ve been gone working from home and she too had so many kind words and offers of prayer for our family.  Just so many good, HARD WORKING people.

5.  Since I was downtown, I stopped at my (and now my kids’) FAVORITE little specialty bake shop to pick up our FAVORITE little (overpriced) cookies.  French macarons–seriously, they are like heaven in a little round package.  Laurencia and Georgetta highly recommend the salted caramel – YUM!


6.  I came home to 5 little girls (Mari was here) who had made me cards and necklaces and bracelets out of colored pipe cleaners.  They were so proud of their creations.  I gave them the special cookies in return.  Happy girls all around.


7.  Laura and Trina called me at 9:25 to go to a 9:35 movie and my awesome hubby said, JUST GO!  I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life for so long.  It was worth the uncomfortable sitting, I almost didn’t even notice Georgetta in my right rib because I was laughing so hard.  It was pure bliss to just laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  And to momentarily forget about everything else for a while.

8.  I got to spend one more day with these two.


Note the backup dancer in the background.


Took a side view so you get the full effect.  You can see how high Georgetta is in my ribs.  By the way, whoever thought it was a good idea to put horizontal stripes on a maternity tank top?  What?  Because the belly on its own doesn’t give enough of an illusion of giantness?



For the next several days I will be tackling my gigantic list of things to do before going in the hospital on Monday.  I will also be focusing on getting/giving as many hugs and kisses as possible.  It’s amazing how little things like making dinner for your kids becomes something you want and feel privileged to do and fear you’ll miss when you know you won’t be able to provide for them like that for a month.

To answer a question I’ve been getting a lot:  Yes, I’d love visitors!  Only issue would be if the kids are visiting or if I’m having some procedure.  So just call or text ahead of time.  Again, I’ll be at the U of M Amplatz Children’s on the West Bank, right off Riverside Ave.  I can’t promise I’ll be the best hospital room hostess but I’m sure I’ll be happy to see you.

Oh, and if you have any good book recommendations, I’ll take ’em.  I only like non-fiction, historical or biography types.  I love to read but rarely have the opportunity.  Considering I’m hardly sleeping, maybe I’ll get the chance in the hospital.


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