Hi everyone.  We had our measurement ultrasound today and Georgetta is measuring at about 27 weeks, 4 days while Laurencia is measuring about 26 weeks 3 days.  According to the drs., the girls are about 26 weeks, 4 days gestation.  I however have now gained over 30 lbs, that is NOT all baby folks.  Yikes.  I’m fairly certain the girls are closer to 28 weeks (like Georgetta is measuring) than 27.  This is good though because if they make it to what the docs consider 32 weeks they will perhaps be in actuality a little older.  Georgetta looks perfect, no issues.  They both had their heads down and we got some pretty amazing photos.  Since I’m never connected to my printer, I’ve been taking photos of the photos we get with my phone and posting them on here so they’re not great quality.  Maybe I’ll bring the printer to the hospital and scan in everything I have to date.  I have TONS of images.  Darnit if seeing little Laurencia’s face so clearly today wasn’t hard on both Matt and I.



Laurencia (side view with her arm in foreground):


I think in this photo she looks most like her sister as compared to other images we have.  Her little nose and lips and chin are filling out and you can see their identical-ness.  I don’t care if that isn’t a word.  She is just so precious and sweet.

The doctor made the official call to the hospital today to let them know I will be checking in to stay on June 29th until the girls are born.  Since I get so many questions about this, I’m going to make it public, I’m sure it will be ok.  I’ll be at the University of MN Amplatz Children’s.  My dr. today said she thinks she’ll see me trying to escape to go for a run down the Washington Ave. bridge.  She has good ideas, this doctor…I asked her something I’ve been asked by several people, “Why can’t I leave the grounds?”  She said the insurance companies won’t allow it and it’s a liability concern.  You are either a patient or not, period.  Also, as noted yesterday, for Georgetta’s sake, it’s the safest place to be full time.  She is so healthy and has no complications now, I just want so badly for her to make it as long as she can with no further or lifelong issues.  She’s been through so much already!  I had considered naming her Laurencia (or some version of Laura) since she will be victorious too if she makes it after all of this! For those who don’t know, the other name we had considered for Laurencia was “Francisca” which means “free”.

Speaking of their names, I’ve been driving myself crazy lately about them and whether they are the right ones or not.  Today my most recent freak out was that Laurencia really should have been “Lauretta” or “Loretta” because then they both have an “etta” at the end.  In case you hadn’t noticed, my other girls have matching 4 letter endings too, “Anabella/Gabriella” and “Paulina/Maebelina”.  It wasn’t intentional but since it worked out that way, soon after we announced these girls’ names, I was flipping out to Matt that they should have the same ending sounds!    My engineering buddies will clearly understand this need for the grouping arrangements, if no one else does.  Of course Matt tries calmly reassuring me that it’s fine and today he told me, “no big deal, just change it” *shrug* “who cares what everyone else thinks”.  The man has dealt with me for over 13 years so he knows what to expect and handles it in stride.  I, of course retort, “But we already TOOOLD everybody and Gabby loves the name “Laurencia” and, and, and…”.  Anyway, I think I go on and on in my mind about things like their names because it’s something I actually CAN control.  Everything else, nopey.  Oh, and it’s also very weird naming them and seeing them since we didn’t even know the sex of ANY of our other kids.  I think I just have too much time to think it over.  And over, and over….

So to address the GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS and OVERWHELMING outpouring of offers of support and help while I am gone:  Wow, just, thank you.  Every time I hear about another thing someone has offered I start bawling like a baby.  It’s overwhelming to know how loved we are.  I don’t just feel unworthy, I am unworthy and I know it!  I told someone at work (Hi Terry!) that I KNOW I’m not most of the things people say, such as:  strong, brave, amazing.  Not even close.  But that I also 100% KNOW of the things I am:  loved, cared about, prayed for.

I called the funeral home today and we meet with them on Monday to make arrangements for after the girls’ birth.  Monday might be the most prayers I’ll need since the man on the phone told me we will be choosing Laurencia’s casket.  I’ve been thinking about this and dreading it since April.  Nearly hourly I think of it.  My sweet baby girl, instead of a bassinet, this is where we will lay you to rest.  How can that even be?

The next week will be so beyond busy trying to prepare for my leaving.  Please, please know of our gratitude for every single kind word, prayer or deed.

God bless,


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